Soft connection

Ground yourself to the nature. Create unique spaces with an organic twist. Enjoy Polarmoss interior moss products with all your senses and feel the soft connection.

Designed by nature.
Finished by hand.

At Polarmoss, we see ourselves as the connecting link between you and nature by creating the highest quality moss products in the world. The design prize goes to northern nature. Our role is to give it the final touch, all by hand.

Polarmoss Custom Office Wall

Oh wow!

This is the most common reaction when people see and touch our moss products for the first time. There is something magical in their softness and shapes, colours and contrasts. Whether installed in a private or public space, on a larger or smaller surface, our products always deliver something to catch the attention.

Decisions made in the forest

Respecting the Nordic nature and the special characteristics of reindeer moss is in our core. All our moss is hand-picked into wooden boxes by our own employees. We know exactly how much moss is sustainable to pick in order to keep moss areas balanced and vital.


Sustainable & functional moss products

Best-selling moss classics, contemporary design elements and ready-to-install solutions for larger surfaces. Get inspired by our unique moss products and find out more about their functionality.

Finnish family business

Our great grandmother started picking reindeer moss in Hailuoto Finland around 1920. Little did she know that that same natural material would be still hand-picked over a century later. Or even less that moss would be coloured and shipped all around the world!

First time buying moss?

We are releasing Moss Buyer’s Guide 2023 shortly. It’s the most comprehensive guide giving you expert tips on how to make smart moss purchasing decisions. Visit our website again in the coming weeks and get useful information on moss products.