Colored moss element Polarmoss Triangle

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Colored moss Triangle is a functional interior design product. Place one or more side-by-side or leave space between them. Maintenance-free Polarmoss Triangle is a product of the Mossaic by Polarmoss interior design product range. Worldwide shipping.

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Functional symmetry

Colored moss Triangle is a functional interior product which you can use in various ways. Beside itself, Triangle element goes in sync with Polarmoss Square and Polarmoss Halfsquare colored moss elements.


Triangle is made with high-quality reindeer moss inviting you to touch and feel the northern soft connection indoors.

Pick one or many colors

Choose your Triangle or a set of them from 16 beautiful colors. Our preserving and coloring process makes the moss stay vivid and soft but unlike live plants, the colored moss does not require any watering.


One of the characters of moss is its ability to cut down especially high voices. Have fun with Triangles building your own tree hut of soft and calming atmosphere.


Polarmoss Triangle is super easy to mount and detach and to even rearrange for another pattern with our other geometrical shapes. Choose the best option for your surface: Velcro, screws, staples, glue or two-sided adhesive tape (not included in the sales package, Velcro available for purchase here).


As all Polarmoss interior products, Triangle is completely maintenance-free too. Our coloring and preserving method makes sure the moss will stay soft and vivid and remain bacterial- & bug-free even after years of installation. Only gentle dusting with dust brush or gentle vacuum cleaning is needed every once in a while. When the room air humidity is below 40%, the moss may get hard, but it softens again when the air humidity increases. Download Polarmoss Triangle product spesification here.


Triangle is shipped worldwide. At the moment Moss Shop orders can be shipped only within the European Union. For any other area, just click here and contact us. * The best installation method depends on the material the Triangle element would be placed into. We recommend to carefully consider the installation method before installing.