Dried Natural Moss by Polarmoss

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Authentic natural material is hand-picked from the Northern forests. Dried natural moss is perfect material for floristics and other creative usage. Available in three different quality grades. Worldwide delivery.

Dried natural moss by Polarmoss

The Polarmoss Dried Natural Moss is pure, authentic natural material sustainably hand-picked from the Nordic forests. This unique material is widely used in floristics and as a base material for Polarmoss Colored Moss.

Quality classes

Polarmoss Dried Natural Moss is available in three different quality grades.

Polarmoss Extra

  • The highest quality grade
  • Carefully selected moss with beautiful, round moss heads and has a light, grey color in it
  • Forest litter is mostly removed from Polarmoss Extra.

Polarmoss Prima Plus

  • Selected reindeer moss with fragmented shaped moss heads among the round shaped ones
  • May have small defects in color
  • Contains more forest litter than Polarmoss Extra

Polarmoss Filler

  • Not selected like other quality grades so there is variety of both color and moss shape
  • May have other moss species among cladonia stellaris and plenty of forest litter


Reindeer moss cannot be cultivated in any form. Therefore it is very important for us to take good care and work carefully while picking moss from the forest. The tradition of picking extends behind decades and thanks to it been done responsibly, it is still possible to continue the work according to sustainability principles. Download Polarmoss Dried Natural Moss product spesification here.

Sales package size

All packages: 40 x 60 x 21 cm / 15.8 x 23.6 x 8.3″ Weights: Polarmoss Extra: 2,8 kg / 6,2 lb Polarmoss Prima: < 3 kg / < 6.6 lb Polarmoss Filler: < 3 kg / < 6.6. lb


We ship our dried moss worldwide. At the moment Moss Shop orders can be shipped only within the European Union. For any other area, just click here and contact us.