Expert answers to frequently asked questions on moss green walls, moss panels, colored reindeer moss and other preserved moss products.

Polarmoss is a trusted and well-known Finnish company and a brand with a long history in moss business. Polarmoss is one of the largest suppliers of Reindeer moss products in the world.

All of our products are made of “Cladonia Stellaris”, which is the most commercially used lichen species. It is more commonly known as Reindeer moss. More specifically, it is not a moss, but a lichen, and in fact one of the subspecies of Reindeer lichens.

Lichen is a symbiosis of fungus and algae. It absorbs moisture from the humid air and takes its nutrients directly from the air.

Reindeer moss forms large mats over the ground in boreal and arctic regions around the circumpolar north. It grows on the surface of bare soil or gravel in harsh environments of coniferous forests. Reindeer moss cannot be cultivated in any form.

We always collect our Reindeer moss by hand, and all our employees are trained to pick it. It is very important for us that Reindeer moss areas are treated in a sustainable manner to make sure the Reindeer moss fields continue growing in the forests. With our picking method it can grow back as fast as possible.

Polarmoss never collects Reindeer moss mechanically which often causes it to stop growing in the areas it has been collected from.

No animals suffer from Reindeer moss being collected. Reindeers eat Reindeer moss as a part of their diet, but they live in different areas than where Polarmoss operates. Reindeers do not naturally reside in the areas where Polarmoss collects the moss from.

Natural Reindeer moss is traditionally used as a decorative material in the cemetery floristry. Today it is primarily colored and used as a material for interior design products, and also for dry flower floristics, in miniature railway decorations etc.

In some countries mosses in their natural state are being used as natural herbs for several purposes. Do not eat or taste Polarmoss products as they are meant for decoration purposes only.

The Polarmoss coloring process has been developed over period of decades. The entire coloring process is handwork, and quality control takes place throughout the process.

The colors and chemicals used in the coloring and preserving process are not toxic or otherwise harmful.  Please note that even though no harmful chemicals are being used, this product is not allergy tested.

The Polarmoss Colored Moss is not known to be harmful to pets, but do not let them eat the products.

The natural color for Reindeer moss in its natural state is very light grey with a hint of green.

Polarmoss items are available in several colors. Please see our color chart.

As Reindeer moss is a 100% natural product, the base color has natural variation depending on the growth area etc. Due to this, the color variations are characteristic to the Polarmoss Colored Moss.

Polarmoss Interior Design products are suitable for any type of private, commercial and public indoor spaces.

Best installation surfaces are walls and ceilings. Please note that any Polarmoss products should not be stepped on. When installing Polarmoss Interior Design products on the floor, they need to be covered with a transparent protective plate.

Reindeer moss is an inspiring product that attracts people to touch it. Please note that too harsh handling may damage it and that it does not tolerate tearing. It is not recommended to install our products in places where a lot of touching of the moss occurs, for example around light switches, near the doorways, on handrails etc. In locations where lots of people pass by, we recommend items to be installed out of reach of touching or to be covered with a protective plate.

It is unlikely for the natural, un-preserved Reindeer moss to react with other materials. Instead, the Polarmoss Colored Moss contains salt, which may cause corrosion with materials sensitive to it (steel etc.). Please use caution when installing on or right next to salt-sensitive materials.

Please do not install in areas exposed to direct sunlight or continuously high temperatures, nor in immediate proximity of heaters and air conditioners.

Reindeer moss itself softens sounds, so it is an excellent material for sound-absorbing purposes. In some of the Polarmoss Interior Design products we use acoustic materials to strengthen the sound-absorbing qualities.

Polarmoss Flex Element has been tested for sound-absorbency. The sound-absorbance is at its best in the frequencies at which speech occurs.

The colored and preserved Reindeer moss used in the Polarmoss Interior Design products is an effective fire-resistant material and retards the ignition of the underlay material used.

Please note that un-preserved Reindeer moss does not have such properties, but instead is highly fire sensitive.

Polarmoss Flex Element is tested for fire safety and it fulfills the fire classification B s2 d0 – testing requirement DIN EN 13501-1:2010:01 for construction materials.

All the Polarmoss Interior Design products are maintenance-free.

Our products do not need sunlight. We do not recommend items to be installed into places where they can be exposed to direct sunlight.

Our products do not need watering. We do not recommend spraying products made of Polarmoss Colored Moss with water or other liquids since spraying may dilute the preservatives. We do not rather recommend our products to be installed in places where water sprays or extreme high humidity levels are likely (for example showers, bathrooms or near any faucets).

Surprisingly our products hardly attract any house dust at all. If needed, items can be cleaned with a dust brush or by gently vacuuming them with a brush nozzle.

When the relative air humidity level is under 40 %, the Polarmoss Colored Moss becomes brittle. Then it should be touched only with utmost care. After the humidity level rises, the Polarmoss Colored Moss becomes soft again. It can dry out and soften again several times without any harm to the product.

An air humidifier is recommended for room space to keep the Polarmoss products soft all the time. It is not recommended to expose products to long-term direct sunlight, weathering or heat sources.

Typically, Reindeer moss has a natural, spongy-like scent. Light scent may occur in products when removed from packing. When the product is recently made and new, the scent in items can be more intense, but it will fade with time.  Please remember that everyone experiences scents individually.

Since Reindeer moss absorbs and releases moisture in the air, the adhesion of colorants is never absolute. In some cases, this may cause light color stains in fingers when touched. The color is not harmful and washes away with water and soap. After time the staining will reduce.

When used as instructed, the color in the items will stay good and does not fade. Over a long period of time some changes are possible. Even though the colorants used are chosen to have maximum light resistance, exposure to direct sunlight can cause color fading.

Please note that changes in the air humidity may momentarily change the color shade slightly. The moister the air, the darker the color shows, and the drier the air, the lighter the color shows.

To be honest, we don’t know the lifecycle length of our products yet. The earliest Polarmoss products were installed over 10 years ago, and they are still in a good condition. When used correctly and in the right conditions, products can last several years. We will keep you posted once we will find out the expiration time of our products.

However, if needed, Polarmoss Interior Design items can be disposed of among regular household waste.