References & inspirational moss art around the world

Colored reindeer moss walls and custom moss art create an impressive and relaxing atmosphere in any space.

Colored moss interior design at its finest

Create unique interior designs with beautiful moss products. We have a wide range of colored, easy-to-install reindeer moss products. They include the best-selling moss wall panel Polarmoss Flex Element and contemporary Mossaic by Polarmoss products for example. All our standard moss products are shipped worldwide.

Standard moss products

Fully customized moss art

Our custom-made moss walls and other moss art designs are located in various public and private spaces around the world. You might have well seen one at an airport, hotel, mall or trendy restaurant.

We are ready to work towards your individual vision. Here below are few examples of our moss walls, moss art and custom-made moss designs.  

High-quality colored moss

We are pioneers of coloured high-quality moss. We use only the best quality reindeer moss hand-picked by our own employees. Our coloring technique quarantees consistent, vivid and deep colors. 

Dried Northern reindeer moss

Polarmoss’ dried natural moss is pure, authentic natural material picked from the Northern forests. It is available in three different quality grades. Contact our sales for detailed information.

Moss Trends & Tips

Check out our latest moss trend & tip articles. Get inpiration and useful information on colored moss, green walls made with preserved moss and moss art.

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