Create Natural Home Decor with Preserved Moss

Preserver Moss Interior Design Elements on a Staircase Wall
Preserved Moss Element Polarmoss Hexagon. Available in 16 colors.

Bringing the Beauty & Benefits of Nature Inside

Nature has a way of bringing peace and serenity to our lives, and that’s exactly what moss can do for your home. Whether it’s a green wall made with preserved moss or some other moss installation, preserved and colored moss is rapidly gaining popularity in interior design. In this blog post, we’ll dive into what preserved moss is, how it’s used in home interior design and the benefits of having a moss as a part of interior design.


What is Preserved Colored Moss?

Firstly about preserved and colored moss. The term refers to artificially colored natural moss. This process gives moss vibrant color and makes it ready to be used in unique interior solutions such as moss green walls and moss art. Reindeer moss (Cladonia Stellaris) is a specific type of moss that grows in cold, arctic environments and is a perfect choice for this purpose. Reindeer moss is particularly suitable because of its beautiful round shape.


How is Preserved Moss Used in Interior Design?

From preserved moss green walls to custom-made moss art, colored moss has found its way into a variety of interior design applications. Green walls with preserved moss, in particular, have become a global trend. They offer a unique way to bring a touch of nature into your home or to any commercial space. Creating a soft connection, as we at Polarmoss describe it.

Green walls with preserved moss are made by carefully arranging preserved colored moss into moss wall panels and installing them side-by-side on a straight or curved wall.

In addition to moss walls, preserved moss is also used as a decorative accent, such as a one or several moss elements. The options are endless when it comes to using colored reindeer moss in interior design.


3 Benefits of Having Moss as Part of Home Decoration

In addition to its beauty, there are several benefits to having a moss green wall or other colored moss installation in your home, home office, or workspace. Here are just a few of the advantages of incorporating preserved colored moss into your interior design:

      1. Calming and soothing. Presence of natural elements is known for their calming and soothing effect, which can help to reduce stress and promote relaxation.
      2. Ultra low maintenance. Unlike living plants, preserved moss needs little to no maintenance. Moss can be dusted occasionally to maintain its vibrant appearance.
      3. Sound absorption. Moss is also known for its sound-absorbing qualities, making it a great choice for noisy or echo-prone environments.

    All Polarmoss Products made of Preserved and Colored Reindeer Moss are:

        • 100% non-toxic

        • Durable and long-lasting

        • Vibrant and beautiful

        • Versatile in design options

        • Easy-to-install and maintain

        • Shipped worldwide


      Preserved moss is a unique and soothing way to bring the beauty and benefits of nature into your home or home office. Whether you choose moss wall panels or any other Polarmoss moss product, you will enjoy the calming effect of this natural material, as well as its low maintenance requirements. So why not incorporate preserved moss into your home decoration?

      And when you’re ready to make your purchase, be sure to check out our top-quality preserved moss products. With a wide variety of options, including Polarmoss Flex Element and Mossaic by Polarmoss, you’re sure to find the perfect reindeer moss product to suit your style and needs. Don’t hesitate to bring the natural beauty of preserved moss into your home or home office, and experience the soft connection.


      Frequently Asked Questions About Preserved Moss

      Is preserved colored moss safe to use indoors?

      Preserved colored moss is safe for indoor use as a decorative element, but it is wise to take some precautions.

      Firstly, make sure that the preserved moss you are using has been treated with non-toxic chemicals. All Polarmoss preserved colored moss products are 100% non-toxic.

      Secondly, depending on the installation space, the moss decoration might need light dusting time to time.

      How long will a preserved colored moss panel last?

      The lifespan of a preserved colored moss panel, such as Polarmoss Flex Element will vary depending on the type of moss used and whether it is out of reach. While it is impossible to give an exact figure, in good conditions and handling moss panels will last at least for 4-7 years.

      However, even in less-than-optimal conditions, preserved moss wall panels and other elements can remain vibrant and lush for years without daily maintenance, making it an attractive and cost-effective alternative to a living moss wall.

      Does preserved colored moss lose its color?

      One of the advantages of using preserved colored moss over dried moss is that it can retain its color and soft texture for an extended time. This means it can provide a long-lasting and visually appealing decorative element in indoor spaces without frequent replacement.