Creating soulful spaces

Let us inspire you with sustainably made, high quality and fully customizable moss solutions.

Whether you’re just starting your next project or looking for fresh ideas for the future, we are here to serve you.

We have long experience cooperating with architects and design agencies all around the world.

To save your time, here are a few points that are good for you to know as a creative person.


Polarmoss products are the highest quality moss products on the market. This quality reaches all the way from sustainable harvesting at the forest to colouring and reliable delivery.


We value your creativity and understand the need for unique solutions. Simply contact us, send us details like measurements and drawings and let’s create something unique together.

Natural functionalities

Moss looks great but did you know that it has functional qualities as well? It acts as natural air humidity balancer binding and releasing it. Our moss elements have noise reduction qualities too. Contact our customer service for more details.

Free Designer Tool

Create lay-outs of your own space with our free online moss Designer Tool. It is a perfect way to showcase moss solutions to your customers as well.

Reliable moss producer

The duration of many of our customer relationships is not counted in quarters or years but in decades.

Sustainable growth

Sustainable moss products have growing market demand. Our promise to you and all our resellers is that with us you will always receive sustainable hand picked reindeer moss of the highest quality.

Vibrant colors

Ranging from natural grey to almost all colours of the rainbow. Our coloring technique with salt offers consistent, durable and deep colors. All our standard products are available in all colors of our color chart. Also limited edition colors are available for customised projects.

Beautiful details

Not all moss products on the market are the same. They might look pretty similar at first sight, but there are many quality differences. We have always focused on the highest quality moss. Our quality standards covers the whole chain from the forest to reliable delivery.

Trusted partnership

In the end, all business is done between people.

Business between people

Polarmoss is the leading moss product company in the world. The secret for this position lies in the value we create for our customers as well in our hardworking personnel and thoughtful service.

Colored moss by Polarmoss

Personal service

We value human to human interaction and like to know our customers personally. This way we can give you the best possible service and offer the most suitable products.

Reliable delivery

When partnering with us you can be sure of the highest quality standards all the way from the forest to your warehouse.

Visit Moss Shop!

Many of our ready-to-install moss products are available online in our Moss Shop. At the moment online moss shopping is available for European Union customers only.