Refund and Return Policy

This document describes in details refund and return policy of Polarmoss Ltd. 

Returns and Return Policy of commercial sale of Polarmoss Ltd. offer, confirmation or agreement

Polarmoss delivers the Products as soon as possible after receiving the order. This takes from 2 to 10 working days, but during high seasons it can take longer time. High seasons mean sales campaigns or the release dates of new collections. Some Products may have a longer delivery time, and in such cases, information is provided in the Product data. If the order includes products with different delivery times, the order is shipped in a single delivery after the entire order is ready to be shipped, unless Polarmoss notifies an alternative.

Polarmoss delivers to Finland via the Posti and Matkahuolto parcel services. Polarmoss delivers outside Finland via the GLS parcel services subject to the Customer’s choice and shipping method availability.

The Customer must take into account the retention times of parcels at pick-up points. If the parcel has not been collected within the retention time, it will be returned to Polarmoss. Polarmoss will charge €7.00 to the Customer per order for uncollected shipping, which covers the shipping costs and any other expenses that Polarmoss incurs.

Purchases made from the eShop are distance selling in the context of consumer protection legislation. If the Customer wishes to exercise the right to cancel, a return notification must be made within 14 days of receiving the Products. You can make the return notification by email to Polarmoss customer service ( The products that you wish to return must then be sent without undue delay to Polarmoss, and within 14 days at the latest. The return notification can also be made by returning a return form that the Customer must send with the return shipment within 14 days after receiving the Products.

When a Customer cancels an order placed in the eShop, and unless otherwise agreed, Polarmoss will refund the payment made by using the payment method that the Customer used in the initial purchase transaction. Polarmoss will refund the payment amount without undue delay after handling the customer return, that is 14 days after receiving the Products, at the latest. The refund does not cover additional costs incurred by a delivery method other than the least expensive and chosen by Polarmoss. If only part of the order is returned, the shipping costs are not refunded. The Customer is responsible for any damage to the product, and Polarmoss has the right to deduct the amount from the reimbursement, that covers the damage to the Product compared to the Product’s original value. If the Product has become unsellable because it has been used, the Customer is responsible for its entire value, and the cost of return, if the Customer wants to return the Product.

The Customer has the obligation to handle and pack the Product with care, in order to avoid damage during transit. The Customer must attach information about the returned Products with the return. The parcel for delivery must be taken to a Matkahuolto or Posti service point, and the Customer must obtain a return receipt. The shipment cannot be dropped at a mailbox for delivery.


The Customer must contact Polarmoss customer service ( Polarmoss arranges the return via GLS in such a way that the Customer does not need to pay for the return shipment.

In case you have any questions about our refund and return policy, we are happy to answer your questions in person. You can contact us for personal service via email or by phone. You will find our contact details here.